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"Wally Kleucker's Horn Concerto received its world premiere performance already in the year it was composed, 1978, played by the composer's wife, Malinda Kleucker, who has once again acted as her husband's splendid interpreter. It has been a long time since we have heard such beautiful phrasing and coherent horn playing." from Frederiksberg Amts Avis (Denmark), March, 1987

Musica Chromatica
7000 Windyrush Rd,
Charlotte NC 28226

Music of
Wally Kleucker

New Choral Works
( *=acappella )

· Mandela Testament
(Let Freedom Reign!)
text by Nelson Mandela

texts by Thich Nhat Hanh:
· Drink Your Tea Slowly *
I Am Home *

· A Network of Mutuality
(Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)
· Song of the Open Road
(Walt Whitman)
· A Day of Sunshine
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Six anthems to text of
Carl Sandburg:
· Autumn Movement
Call Us Back

· Children of the Wind
· Joy*(also SATB & piano)
· Under the Harvest Moon*
· Wind On the Way

Twenty anthems to text of Henry Berne

· Air Beyond Fresh
· Always Surprise
· And Now the Beautiful Rain
· Dragon in the Park
· Find a Moment* (also SATB & piano)
· From a Cloud
· If I Would Ask for Something
· Imagine Sunrises and Sunsets
· Listen With Your Eyes and Ears
· Meditation
· Memory and Moment*
· Morning Red *
· Night Dawns *
· Off Season
· One Time
· Small Leaves *
· Sudden Wind
· Summer Woods
· Walking Today *
· Whispers

New Arrangements

· Hush Little Baby
Like a Motherless Child *
· Earth Was Given As a Garden

New Pages
Over 25 choral works based on
Responsive Readings in
"Singing the Living Tradition."

· Alleluia: In Praise of Peace
Beauty Is Before Me * (Native American)
Bless Us With Peace (Alla Rennee Bozarth)
· Cherish Your Doubts (Weston)
Earth Teach Me Stillness * (Native Amer.)
From the Fragmented World * (Hewitt)
Give Us the Spirit of the Child
· Give Us the Wisdom (Native American)
· If Here You Have Found Freedom
· In the Lonely Midnight
Let My World Awake! (Tagore)
Love Is the Spirit of This Church
· May Peace Dwell Within Our Hearts
A Network of Mutuality (M.L.King Jr)
O Our Mother the Earth (Native Amer.)
Out of the Stars (Weston)
Pebble Cast Into a Pond (Dorothy Day)
Seasons Come Dancing (Tagore)
· Seven Principles
Stream of Life (Tagore)
Some Things Never Change * (Wolfe)
· The Greater Circle
The Greatest of These Is Love
· The Place We Call Home
· We Bid You Welcome *
· We the Peoples of the United Nations
· We Belong to the Earth (Native Amer.)
· You Shall Possess (Whitman)

To other texts:

· A Day of Sunshine * (Longfellow)
A Flower * (Chinese) (SSAATTBB)
· Alleluia
· Along the Road of Peace
· Confitebor Tibi Domine* (Psalm 138)
· Gloria* (SSA)
· Glory to God (SATB & organ)
· Her Eyes Are Closed Now*
· Hush Little Baby
· If You Must Love Me
(Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
· In Dulci Jubilo
· Our Family is Humankind
· Shalom Aleichem
· So Still * (Chinese) (SSATBB)

Orchestral & Chamber Works

Symphony No. 1 ("Danish") for two orchestras

Symphony No. 2 ("Letters to My Daughter") for chorus & orchestra

On the Wings of Pegasus for orchestra

The Scarlet Pimpernel Overture for orchestra

Concerto No. 1 for horn and orchestra

Concerto No. 2 for horn and orchestra

Concerto for tuba and orchestra

An Italian Concerto for clarinet solo, strings and percussion

The Well-Tempered Horn (12 preludes and fugues) for horn and piano

Elisions for brass and percussion

Threnody for Brass Quintet


A guide to my music on CD.

Download the Catalog
(MS Word document; 111kb)

Now available:

Songs of the Christmas season
from all over the world

Wally Kleucker, piano

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