If I Would Ask For Something
for chorus (SATB) and piano by Wally Kleucker

John Herrick conducts the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte Choir in a performance of "If I Would Ask For Something" for SATB chorus and piano. This April 4, 2009 performance was part of the memorial service for Henry Berne, who wrote the poem, "If I Would Ask For Something." Wally Kleucker composed the music and accompanied the choir on piano.

Henry Berne (1926-2009)

"If I would ask for something

I would ask for sunrise, a new day of life being born: a new bit of soul.

I would ask for the world with you in it, warm and smiling.

I would ask for new air brought in on a breeze and water nearby.

I would ask for a word that would ask other words to dance.

I would ask for a song that would be all the songs of a new day."

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This is only meant as a sample, not to be used for performance. To get copies, please email me at:


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